Fracking : The Curse Of The Black Gold

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Introduction: The "Curse of the Black Gold" is what they call it. The greasy money-making liquid can also cause the undoing of countries. Oil companies like Shell sometimes make as much money as the country they do business in. The hazards that come with extracting oil is understated while the rewards are often praised. To the companies, we are not important, it is the money we carry in our pockets that they care about. Shell, a billion-dollar making oil company, is slowly gaining a lot of recognition in countries as it is causing a lot of corruption due to several accidents as well as its influence on global warming. The company is most known for its fracking practices as well as its impact on Nigerian villages. First Supporting…show more content…
Jordan is one of the countries that had to bear the harshest outcomes of climate change and are least suited to have their land fracked. "Jordan possesses, at best, the fourth smallest water to population ratio on the planet" (Stainsby). Shale oil extraction is threatening to water sources as the process of fracking can contaminate drinking water and wells as pose a threat to the inhabitants of Jordan. Additionally, fracking uses huge volumes of water and given the fact that Jordan is already in a drought and experiences several water shortages, the chance of them further stressing their natural resources is very likely, and can ultimately cause serious problems at a local and regional level. Contamination - Shell has many instances where they have contaminated sources of water, which can affect drinking water and animal life in the oceans. In places like Jordan, where there is little water to begin with, fracking puts them at a high risk of a drought. Shell does have cleaning plans in contaminated areas, however, some oil remains in the waters during the cleaning process and can contaminate the drinking waters of the inhabitants living near the spill and the workers working near there too. If the water is consumed by someone, they can experience a wide range of gastrointestinal illnesses. China Wants Shell Out - Shell has made plans to frack in an area where deadly earthquakes are common. Sichuan is known
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