Fracking : The Gas And Gas Industry

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Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, is the process in which oil and gas deposits are extracted by pumping a tremendous amount of water and extremely hazardous chemicals into wells at very great depths. The biggest concern about this process is the contamination of aquifers. And different sources of potable water due to the poor control over toxic wastes. In addition, fracturing requires millions of gallons of water per well. And, only in the U.S, fracking has been used more than one million times. Bringing catastrophic consequences such as carcinogenic effects on different communities, malformations, diseases on pregnant woman and all of this, due to the negligence of the oil and gas industry. Now, the state of Florida has to decide whether to authorize the use of fracking or just regulate it. However, a more intelligent decision would be to ban hydraulic fracturing and, invest in renewable sources of energy. The state of Florida should implement a bill prohibiting de use of fracking because it will prevent problems with aquifers contamination, it will encourage companies to develop sources of energy that people can actually use, and it will reduce harm done to the environment. Aquifers are defined as saturated rock trough which water can easily move. There are permeable and porous aquifers. They are natural filters that trap sediments and different type of bacteria which provide natural purification of the ground water and therefore it cleans up the flowing

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