Fracking the World: The Marcellus Shale Essay

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Natural gas, new age, cutting edge, right here in America. The Marcellus Shale an area in America that spans over Southern New York, a huge part of Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, parts of Maryland and Virginia. There are a few other areas here in America such as Texas that natural gas can be found, but Marcellus Shale is the winner. It’s the underground landmine a means for the United States of America to not be so dependent on overseas oil. Natural gas burns cleaner then that of crude oil. It warms houses, lights up your barbeque, and fuels buses in major cities. The list goes on, there is even ways to turn natural gas into fuel for your vehicle. As wonderful as that might sound the questions are, at what cost to our health…show more content…
Although the main stream media has focused mostly on reporting the concerns of the mechanical aspects of the drilling process itself, and its possible impacts that it has on the environment and personal safety. Most people are unaware of the chemicals that are involved in the fracking process itself. It’s not the drilling that should be a concern, it’s what happens after the drilling has been done, and the chemicals that are used in the fracking process. What is even more concerning is the fluids and chemicals that come back up, known as the flow back. Chemicals that come back up to name a few such as Uranium 238 which turns into Radon a very radioactive toxic gas that can cause lung cancer, radium 226 known to cause bone cancer (Brasch) The oil companies claim that it is handled carefully “And so water that cannot be recycled has had either to be put through local treatment facilities or trucked out of state”. (Yergin) That doesn’t sound like it’s handled very carefully, trucking toxic waste water out of state. Out of sight, out of mind if its trucked out of state it isn’t their problem anymore. What is even more worrisome is how there is no accountability by the companies that are doing the fracking for the chemicals that they are using in the process and there possible health risk. Take the chemical Methane for instance. Methane, and other chemicals similar to it have been discovered in drinking well

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