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Aligned with CCSS A fun, yummy way to introduce fractions MAKING FRACTIONS FUN! ©Susan Powers Created by Fractions with Chocolate Bars and Colorful Sweets. CCSS: Number and OperationsFractions. 3.NF.1 Funnest Teacher Award! to effectively introduce the idea of fractions to students. Objective--- Children will be able to use the academic language of equal parts, numerator and denominator together with half, twelfth, quarter etc. They will show their understanding of how one whole is…show more content…
11. Reiterating our strategy of showing our work through pictures, diagrams etc., I model how to draw our fractions on paper with crayons, labeling them with number fractions and written words (1/4 or one quarter, five twentieths or 5/20) as we figure out each fraction. We then eat our fractions! 12. As a final formative assessment or reflection, the kids are each given a sticky note and asked to write down three things that they feel they learned today about fractions. Differentiation Ideas: • I have grouped the children into both mixed ability and ability groups for this activity. • At step 11 above, with ability groups, I would pull the more advanced kids and verbally question them about simplifying the fractions. There are photocopiable sheets to use with this group below. Complete as is appropriate for your class. *Photocopiable chocolate bar below. Just add your own lines to show the fractions identical to the chocolate bar, which you use as a model. * This has proven to be an entertaining, delicious and memorable introduction for my students to the world of fractions. Math can be so much fun! Please submit any feedback to my E-mail. All feedback is appreciated in a bid to constantly improve my work. Thank you! What is each fraction the chocolate bar
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