Essay Fractured Fairy Tale

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Fractured Fairy Tale

With his eyes closed and his arm gripping Dumbledore as tightly as he could, Harry stepped into that felling of compression. Then, instantly, they were there, at the top of the astronomy tower. Harry helped Dumbledore over to the small steps. Dumbledore laid there, too weak to stand. “You’re hurt,” Harry said, “I will go get Madam Pomfrey. She will be able to help.” “No. Severus,” Dumbledore said clearly, “Bring me Severus…” Harry went to fulfill Dumbledore’s orders when there was a noise from below, as if someone was coming.
“Hide yourself below, Harry,” commanded Dumbledore, “Don’t speak or be seen by anyone without my permission. No matter what happens, it is imperative that you stay below!”
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They were Death Eaters—servants of the Dark Lord. Right after them, Harry watched as Severus Snape sneaked up the steps. One on the Death Eaters, Bellatrix, walked up to Draco. “Well done, Draco,” she said.
“Good evening, Bellatrix,” said Dumbledore with a grim grin on his face, “I believe introduction is in order.”
“Oh, there’s no time for that, Albus.”
Snape was slowly making his way up the stairs. He was preparing himself for what was about to happen. “What are you waiting for,” Bellatrix said to Draco, “Kill him…now.”
“No,” Snape said as he came up behind the Death Eaters. Dumbledore nodded as if giving him some sort of signal. With two casts of the wand, they both shot green bolts at each of the Death Eaters killing them instantly. Harry stood there in shock at what he just saw. The spell they casted was Avada Cadavra, the killing curse. This spell was forbidden and only used by servants of the Dark Lord to kill someone instantly. “Why would Dumbledore and Snape use such a spell,” Harry asked himself.
Draco laid there, his eyes filled with fear of what just happened. “Draco Malfoy,” said Dumbledore, “were you really foolish enough to believe that you could kill me?” There was a silence in the room. “That doesn’t matter. You betrayed me and now you will die.”
“No, please,” begged Draco, “I will do anything you ask. Just, please, don’t kill me.”
“I’m afraid

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