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Private investigators are now used in different kinds of situations. Their services can be hired in keeping watch or finding more about strangers such as babysitters, coworkers, friends and so on. These individuals can also be hired to sort out marital issues, custody battles as well as finding missing persons. Their work can actually revolve around observing and keeping track of the person of interest, interviewing witnesses to get information related to the case and searching for evidence necessary for any court cases. In addition, they also analyze documents and records. Fragale Investigation is a preferred choice for private investigator Charlotte, NC. We are fully licensed to provide professional private investigations located in North Carolina Metropolitan Area. Our company is one of the best companies when it comes to investigation services. We normally provide our clients with the most detailed and accurate services around. In addition we guarantee them absolute utmost discretion. We have been in operation for many years. This is the reason…show more content…
Custody cases 5. Background checks or research 6. Trial prep Our investigation services include: 1. Cheating Spouse Investigation 2. Cohabitation investigation 3. Child custody investigation 4. Worker’s compensation investigation 5. Liability investigation The team of Fragile Investigations takes the privacy of our clients very seriously. In addition, we provide services to all kinds of clients from all walks of life. We readily offer our services to clients with diverse backgrounds. Some of those backgrounds include: corporate, lawyers, legal branches, small businesses. Landlords and so on. Fragile is your choice! Our surveillance services are very efficient. If you want the services of a private investigator, you can readily hire us. For more information on private investigator Charlotte NC service, you can call us at (704)666-5216.Once you call that number, you will speak to a live customer service
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