Fragile States : Causes And Impact

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Question 1: Fragile States - Causes & Impact. Discuss the characteristics of a state described as “fragile”, “failing”, or failed and address the possible causes of state failure as well as the “danger signs” that might warn of impending failure. No global definition exists for states described as “fragile”, “failing”, or failed because they come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, countries that have failed at the basic responsibilities of governance and sovereign authority are generally lumped into this group. Fragile, failing, or failed states share similar characteristics including their inability to control their borders, loss of authority over insurgents, gangs, and warlords, and loss of legitimacy internally/internationally. Examples relevant today of countries that are fragile or failing, and on the path to failed status include Iraq and many of the Middle Eastern countries struggling to maintain their autonomy in the fight against ISIS. Other important indicators of failed states include: 1. Inability to provide external security 2. Incompetent police force 3. Unprofessional bureaucracy 4. Corrupt judicial system 5. Unaccountable military 6. Inability to create and deliver positive political goods 7. Deteriorating infrastructure 8. Inability to collect taxes 9. Unregulated financial system 10. Inability to gather and maintain statistics The distinction between fragile, failing, and failed remains difficult to decipher since many of the same characteristics come into
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