Fragmentation Of Health Care Essay

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I enjoyed reading the thread about the cause for fragmentation in US Health care system and the concept of reform for whole. However, the fragmentation in health care system is by administration for participating in health care coverage for health insurance is the hierarchy of socioeconomic for those who have and they have not.

Affordable care act or the Obama care is the worst, if you noticed, there is a variation in spelling of Health care for the question mark if you meant healthcare? Is the ‘simony’ for reading between the line for ‘buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges for pardons or benefits?’ Reading between the lines, understands why space or no space means what you buy and what they sell are two different things for what you get and what you will have or have not depend on how much you spend for the most expensive health coverage. If you have, healthcare/Healthinsurance/Obamacare with no space, which means buying the most expensive insurance for ability to pay, is affordable care for benefit/coverage. On the other hand, if you have health care/health insurance/Obama care with space means we are selling you the health insurance for deductible by premium (percentage of income/wages) that patient can file for tax, so confusing that if you cannot afford the
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The answer is in the administration of healthcare, for administrative cost of processing claims and providing customer services for member’s amount of small portion of the elite is by escalating premium dollars for the lion’s share for affordable care that keeps small business, low income and ordinary people away from health coverage/benefit. The majority of the citizens who cannot afford Obamacare are the low income, unemployed/under employed for the uninsured, and the disable to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare benefit is high cost to the
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