Fragmented Health Care Case Study

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Another problem she has to face beside the financial difficulties is the problem of transportation. Due to an psychological disorder, she cannot drive. Thus, her children have to take turns calling a day off and driving their mom to the doctor clinic. She has to endure through their complaints in each doctor visit. The failure to care coordination caused by the local clinic only exacerbate her circumstances. The local clinic sent her to multiple fragmented care settings when she was diagnosed with a kidneys’ tumor. She had to go through many biopsy tests for the surgery, from a nephrologist to CIT Scan specialist and MRI Scan specialist. Through each clinic, she had to call in for an appointment that needs to accommodate the doctor’s schedule.…show more content…
With the extensive developed health care system, the US is the leading country for the most expensive healthcare (source). This means that patients have to experience through excessive and unnecessary tests. The practice of giving fragmented healthcare only augment the challenges faced by patients with disadvantages. In addition, patients who are not fully covered would have to pay deductibles and co-payment for each of the test. Nonetheless, the complexity of the health care administration is the consequence of not having a standardized registration form (source). In order to be qualified for the Medi-cal or any health insurances, the patients need to submit different documents and have to be renewed every year. The translation of the documents into different languages is also an obstacle with the lack of federal workers. Currently, under Donald Trump’s presidency, federal hiring was halted. This could lead to an even longer wait in person or even on the phone to reach out for a social
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