Framers of the Constitution

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The Framers of the Constitution and the Republicanism The constitution is the supreme law of the land. Even though it is the supreme law of the land, it is not well defined; it isn’t specific on multiple areas. Because of that, the constitution has been misjudged and miss interpreted in the past. However, there are certain parts were the Constitution is specific. It is partially specific on elements of the Constitution that embodies the republican principle of limited government, the three institutions in the government that embodies the commitment of representation: the House of Representatives, the senate, and the presidency, amendments of the constitution that expand the democratic representation, and passages that expresses the…show more content…
This amendment expanded democratic representation widely because it gave recently free slaves the right to vote for the people that were going to represent them. There is a catch on it though, only males were allowed to vote according to this amendment, it didn’t give woman the right to vote.[15] This wouldn’t change until later on in August 18, 1920 with the woman suffrage amendment being passed, the nineteenth amendment gave woman the right to vote[16] . This amendment finally gave woman the right to vote in elections. It was very important because it gave a sense of equality between males and females; however, there is still a great imbalanced scale between males and females. It didn’t really balance things out, but it expanded democratic representation greatly. Through the whole Constitution there are multiple passages that express the republican principal of popular sovereignty, but not any other like the preamble. The preamble starts by saying “We the people”[17] which clearly states that we the people create the government. We the people give power to the government by letting the government govern us. That is the meaning of popular sovereignty.[18] In the end, the Constitution is and always will be the supreme law of the land. It is not perfect, in fact it is far from perfect, but it at least gives order to our lives and give us a government we can live in. a government in which the republican principle of limited government is
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