Biopsychosocial Framework For Occupational Therapy Essay

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LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENTAL FRAME OF REFERENCEA biopsychosocial framework for Occupational Therapyassessment and intervention where adult development isconceived as following a predictable, sequential pattern ofage-related stages or phases. Theoretical AssumptionsHuman development occurs in an orderly fashion throughout the cycleSteps within the developmental process are sequential and none can be skipped. As a person proceeds through the life cycle, he encounters life events and changing internal and external conditions that necessitate reappraisal and change. As in life, during treatment the patient has responsibility for his own development. FunctionAbility of the person to respond to external expectations as well as ones own feelings in …show more content…

Role of OTAssesor Environmental ManagerExpert Consultant, Educator & AdvocateEvaluationIdentification of persons level of cognitive function throughInterviews, medical chart review & Assessment Tools (Allen Cognitive Level Test, Lower Cognitive Level Test, Routine Task Inventory & Work Performance Inventory). TreatmentManagement & MaintenanceTask AnalysisEnvironmental CompensationBEHAVIORAL FRAME OF REFERENCEBuilt on principles of cognitive, social & conditionallearning

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