Framework Class Library And Common Language Runtime Framework

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Introduction ASP.NET and the .NET Framework ASP.NET is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework. To build ASP.NET pages, you need to take the advantage of features of .NET Framework, which basically consists of two parts: the Framework Class Library and Common Language Runtime. Now let us explore these two parts of .NET Framework. Framework Class Library The .NET Framework contains of thousands of classes which you can use while building an application. Framework Class Library was designed to basically make it easier to perform the most common programming tasks. Following are just a few examples about the classes in the framework: File class—Enables you to represent a file on your hard disk. You can use the File class to check whether a file exists or not, create a new file, delete a existing file, and perform many other file-related operations. Graphics class—Enables you to work with different types of images like GIF,PNG, BMP, and JPEG. You can use the Graphics class to draw various shapes like rectangles, arcs, ellipses,and other elements on an image. Random class—Enables you to generate a new random number. SmtpClient class—Enables you to send an email. You can use the SmtpClient class to send emails that contain attachments and HTML content. Each class in the Framework can include different properties, methods, and events. The properties, methods, and events exposed by a class are the members of that class. Partial list of the members of the SmtpClient class:
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