Framing Analysis

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Have you ever seen a story in the news that has been told multiple ways depending on which news station you were tuning in to? This tends to happen very often in the news industry and why this happens is because of framing. Framing is a way to present certain content in a way to guide an audience’s interpretation along certain lines. How the news does this is by having the gatekeepers, which are the people in charge decide which group of facts are most important to share to the public to help promote a particular view of that story. Recently in the news everyone has been talking about Colin Powell and his leaked emails talking about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Colin Powell is an American statesman who is part of the republican…show more content…
Each news outlet has a different way of framing this story and this is based on either which party they support or what there company wants them to talk about. CBS chose to frame this story by talking about both candidates and how Colin Powell thought both candidates were just as bad. FoxNews framed the story to make it seem like Colin Powell only talked about Hillary Clinton in his emails and not trump at all, which shows you how they want you to view Hillary Clinton as an evil person. Reuter framed the story by making it seem like Colin Powell really hated Donald Trump and didn't really care for Hillary Clinton, which made her seem not as bad. Picking what news station you want to tune into is extremely important because you want to make sure you get an outlet that has a common ground and you aren't only hearing one side to the story. The hero that is being portrayed in this news story is Colin Powell because he is the only one stating his opinion on how he feels and is being real, which is what people like to hear. On the other hand the villain being portrayed depends on what news outlet you are looking at. If you're looking at CBS and Reuter both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the villains, but with
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