Framing Research Paper

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Did you know without framing every house and buildings wouldn’t be where they're standing right now? Framing holds every single thing on every building. It’s really important to have a strong base for a house if not it will collapse. Framing has been used since the early 1830s, they still use man power but some technologies evolved. Framing is one of the biggest fields in construction, so it has work all year round. It also has a good employment rate. This job can be good for high schoolers when they leave school because you learn on the job, teens can make good money if they start in this construction field. Framing was invented in the 1830s by using lightweight material but when it's put together it's strong to hold up a whole…show more content…
Physical strength is useful for this job because many workers need to be able to carry fifty pounds or more every day. Also being able to work in harsh weather conditions will be a must if workers are employed. Education isn’t too much it’s know is simple math and angles. Math skill is a main skill to have because they have to measure wood and cut an a angle. A great class to learn how to measure and cut wood is wood shop. This class will show the basics on cutting wood. But overall going to college isn’t required in framing. But unless a skilled worker leaves his company and go makes his own business a business degree would be great to have. Framing construction workers make twelve dollars an hour starting without experience. But framing is great for beginners because they learn all they need while working. Being little more experienced worker he or she can make fifteen dollars an hour. The overall annual wage ranges from $23,000 to $30,000 just being an employee. Being a contractor in framing your annual wage would range from $40,000 to $60,000. But contractors can make more money if they increase their speed on framing houses and get more workers to work for him or
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