Framing The West By Rachel Stiff Essay

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In the Winchester Cultural Center Gallery, Rachel Stiff 's artwork is displayed in an exhibit called: "Framing the West". As you walk through the door, you would see Rachel 's drawings arranged in a row beginning from the wall nearest to the window, that expands to the center of the room, and then ends with paintings closest to the door. You would also see the drawings presented in either a brown or white wooden frame. Whereas, the paintings were presented in a gold frame or no frame at all. There are fourteen pieces of Rachel 's work being exposed to the public 's naked eye. She presents her inspired paintings as well as drawings of the Las Vegas desert landscapes through abstract by using interlacing clouds, the sun 's rays, rocks, and landforms. Although there were fourteen of her pieces to evaluate, I selected three pieces by Rachel Stiff that captured my attention the most. Examining each artwork, Goner × 2, Gravel Pit No.3, and Gravel Pit No.5 captured my attention the most in result of the various elements used.

To begin, Goner × 2 is a frameless painting on white canvas that regards the multiple layers within Las Vegas. The primary colors red, blue, and yellow are involved in the work of art. Secondary colors share an involvement as well. With that being said, subtractive colors are visible to one 's eye. As you continue to examine the work, you 'll begin to notice the colors red, blue, yellow, brown, green, and black start to fade as it is being applied in

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