Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering

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Background Information Fran Hayden is a recent graduate from the University of Waikato, where she completed her Bachelor’s in Management Studies (BMS). In the final year of her degree she applied to Dairy Engineering Ltd. which had its headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand. She was invited for an interview and then offered an assistant accounting position. She was unsure if it was the right position for her. On her first day of work, Fran found out that there was no vacancy in the Cost Accounting Department she had been hired to work in, and she was assigned to Management Information Services (MIS) instead. Her job included compiling information for the monthly report which was termed as the ‘Big Brother’ in the department. The Chief…show more content…
The situation faced by Dairy Engineering can be attributed to a structural deficiency leading to conflict. In the situation Dairy Engineering should have a proper protocol in place for situations where messages are undeliverable to senior managers like Peter. There should have been a backup strategy in place for appointing a representative to replace Peter in such situations. Peter was upset and reacted in a very unprofessional manner because of the poor flow of communication throughout the department. (McShane, Steen, 2009, pg. 264) In this case study it is also observed that Fran was very dissatisfied with her job. Her job was boring, almost entirely clerical and did not require a degree. She felt that her duties were not fit for somebody with her qualifications and potential. She started regretting the decision of joining the company and was often stressed. Work-related stress also started affecting her personal life resulting in fights and disagreements with her boyfriend and flatmates. (McShane, Steen, 2009, pg. 91) Problem Analysis and Implications Psychological Harassment (McShane, Steen, 2012, pg.110) Peter’s psychological harassment of those under his employ, particularly Fran, was a major problem for Dairy Engineering. In this particular case, the involved parties were Fran and Peter.

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