France And Canada's Health Care Systems

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Running head: FRANCE AND CANADA’S HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS 1 France and Canada’s Health Care Systems: A comparative Analysis of France and Canada’s healthcare systems Ileke Redemption Iyeteku 5994383 Ottawa University FRANCE AND CANADA’S HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS 2 This paper will compare France’s health care system with Canada’s health care system. When compared to other countries around the world, France was ranked number one in overall health system performance (World Health Organization (WHO), 2000). There are some similarities between France and Canada health care systems (Mossialos & Wenzl, 2014). I selected France because it has the best health care system in the world (WHO, 2000).Various topics about Canada and France’s health care system will be discussed in the paper. Firstly, France and Canada’s health care systems and funding structures will be described. Secondly, France and Canada’s health care governance and monitoring systems will be explained. Thirdly, health care infrastructures, professional expertise and health technologies of both health care sys (Mossialos & Wenzl, 2014)tems will be discussed. Fourthly, both health care systems will be compared and analyzed. Lastly, positive and negative aspects of both health care systems will also be discussed. France has a mixed health care system; it has a public and private sector (Chevreul, Brigham, Durand- Zaleski, & Hernandez- Quevedo, 2015). The public
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