France And India Are On Different Spectrums When It Comes

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France and India are on different spectrums when it comes to culture and traditions. India is known for its vibrant and colorful traditions, while France is known for its well-polished ones. The one thing that both these countries can relate the most in is media. Media plays an intensive role in both countries. They both strive in creating media that is true to their culture and beliefs. India and France media consist of television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, and internet based websites. I personally find both of these countries fascinating and want to know more about the media influence in both countries. In this paper we are going to take a closer look at the types of media, media news stories, and the Western influence in India…show more content…
This clearly shows that U.S influence is seen in Frances film industry. France does have regulations on the amount of American movies that can be shown in their country throughout the year. This is why on the chart there are more home based movies than the box office of another country. On France’s billboard chart every song expect for one or two are American record songs. There is definitely a heavy American influence in France. It is shown across every media platform in France. In the article “Jill Scott Compared to a Dog on French Television,” France is has a complicated history with race and racism. On a recent episode of TMC’s Quotidian actress Reem Kherici and actress Alice Belaïdi and made some derogatory remarks about singer Jill Scott. Actress Alice Belaïdi stated that she named her dog Jill because she look like Jill Scott. The host Yann Barthès proceeded to put up a side by side photo of the singer and Belaïdi dog. The actress and the host found the joke amusing, while actress Kherici and the audience didn’t find the humor in the joke at all. Offensive jokes have been displayed on television for centuries now. Television has been a big contributor to the controversy of racism and stereotyping. This is the perfect example of how media can have an effect on society issues. India India has seven types of Indian communication media, which are television radio, cinema, newspapers,

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