France Is A Country With A Long And Proud History

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Jesse E. Oliver
13B30 Advanced Leader Course Class 503-17

France is a country with a long and proud history. Sitting in the heart of Europe France is a large and influential country, the center of agriculture in Europe while also having a strong and diverse industrial base. Historically The French Republic, as it is officially known, has been seen as standard bearer of western secular liberalism, a stance that at times marks the French people as targets for religious and secular extremists alike.

France lies near the western end of the great Eurasian landmass, largely between latitudes 42° and 51° N. Roughly hexagonal in outline, its continental territory is bordered on the northeast by Belgium and
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( The rise of the financial sector in particular has come about thanks to the deregulation of banks and is a part the French accepting the move towards a single European market and an interest in investing in other advanced countries such as Germany and the United States of America. French investors have historically preferred to invest in the fields of chemicals, electronics, and engineering, focusing on investments to improve urban lifestyles. Trade is also an important part of the French GDP accounting for a fifth of the GDP is primarily grain and other agricultural concerns. (

With the shift to what the French consider to be more “advanced” pursuits there has been a dramatic drop in mining and smelting across the country. A country poor in mineral resources, France now relies primarily on importing to meet their energy demands with the exception of Uranium which the French still mine. Most of these power plants are located in the Rhône and Loire valleys, a reflection of the need for large quantities of cooling water. More than three-fourths of electricity in France is produced in nuclear plants, the highest proportion in the world. (

Currently The French Republic functions by utilizing a strong central authority, in the form of a semi-presidential republic, with two legislative houses;
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