France : The City Of Light

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France France is known as the City of light and this city attract more and more to come for visit. From visiting Eifel tower, walk arounds for their cafes to stroll the boulevards and tour the Louvre Museum. Out of many nations, France is stands out for its fine cuisine and especially it’s wine. For many wine lover, France is heaven. Especially their countryside. From Loire Valley to the Rhone Valley, from Bordeaux to burgundy, treasure of wine in France is so much and you will hope your wine tour never ending. History of wine in France Like many other countries in Europe, France was ruled under the Roman Empire. By the time the Roman Empire falls, France was invaded barbarian tribes and by then trading wine become part of their everyday life. The making and farming of vines in France caused by its location that surrounded by Mediterranean Sea helps by the Roman Empire by bringing the system of viticulture to France. The importance of wine and wine making for religious matters was growing together with the rise of Catholicism. The church was also responsible for making and perfecting wine in Champagne and Burgundy region. The famous French Revolution was causing the making of low quality wine increased. One of the factor to be believed was because many of the French vignerons don’t have enough knowledge to make high quality wine. French wine reach their golden age in the middle of 19th century. In 1855 Bordeaux got its classification and become of the world’s most famous
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