France's Ban On Headscarves

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France’s decision to forbid its citizens from wearing any form of headscarves in public spaces left many in the country in an uproar. The ban on wearing headscarves encouraged several Muslim women to continue to wear their head garments while also protesting against the new law (Croucher, 2008). For Muslim women, wearing a headscarf provides them with protection and shows their pride in their religious identity. However, others see the scarf as a way to oppress women. France’s ban on headscarves brought attention to how French people felt about the Muslims in their country. Instead of encouraging, the ban can be seen as a way to assimilate Muslims into French culture. Although I do agree that the French are trying to assimilate Muslims into…show more content…
It did not occur to me that the women would want to wear them and felt as if they were protected and had a sense of closeness to their religion from them (Croucher, 2008). My ignorance of how Muslim women felt about wearing the head garments contributed to the idea that Muslim men oppress Muslim women. In class, we discussed how being educated about Islam allowed us to think outside the stereotype that Muslim men oppressed their women. Although many of the Muslim women want to wear head garments, there are still some that do not and France’s ban protects these women from being harmed or persecuted by those who disagree (Body-Gendrot, 2007). One of the articles mentioned that some of the women began wearing head garments because when traveling through certain areas of the city, they would be attacked if they were not wearing one (Wyatt, 2003). Women should not be subjected to crime just because they do not cover up a part of their body. Therefore, I was fine with France’s ban because it protected those that could not protect themselves. However, there are more women who want to wear head garments compared to those who do not, and because the majority of the women want to wear them, they are protesting the

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