Frances Perkins : An Era

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Frances Perkins, originally named Fannie Coralie Perkins was born in Boston Massachusetts on April 10, 1880. Raised in Worcester, MA, Perkins and her family lived in boarding houses until her father was able to establish his stationary business and moved the family into a middle-class neighborhood. Perkins grew up in a conservative era where women were meant to be prudent and secluded from politics, education, and jobs typically for men (Downey, 2009). She was part of an era where her social and moral attitudes were impacted by social crusades of the early 20th century, where women were increasingly active in social reform (Berg, 1989).
Perkins grew up with a father who was fair-minded and a mother that volunteered at church and helped the poor neighbors. Perkins was given freedom to express herself and was encouraged by her mother to help and befriend the poor. This caused Perkins to view things outside the box of the current political and conservative era. She analyzed why some people were poor, and others were not (Downey, 2009). Fannie began to see the social injustice at a very young age, setting her up to be Frances Perkins, the social worker who helped mold the old age benefits better known as social security benefits and the fair labor act.
Perkins attended Mount Holyoke College and received her bachelor 's in Chemistry. As part of her course in American Colonial History, she visited textile and paper mills, observing the worker 's conditions firsthand
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