Francie And The Roots Of Anxiety: A Case Study

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This was the second session that I met with Francie. In the last session, Francie told me that she is anxious when she is around her classmates and hopes to gain confidence, be more comfortable and relaxed, and have more friends. When I heard her say that she is anxious, the first intervention that came to my mind was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): relaxation therapy because it has been proven to be one of the best treatments for anxiety (O’Hare 2015). Before starting the intervention, I wanted to understand Francie and the roots of her anxiety better. First, I asked Francie, “What makes you anxious?” I wanted her to name all the reasons she feels anxious. She said that one reason for her anxiety is the fact that her neighborhood…show more content…
I do not want to assign her to a sport or an activity that she does not like, because I respect my client’s hobbies and talents and value their rights and decisions. I asked Francie, “What is your favorite thing that you would want to do?” She answered with a smile, “Music.” She was happy when she talked about music. I suggested that she join the choir group, but she refused because she is afraid of the spot light. We discussed more and she finally chose to join a sport team. She explained when she plays sport she will be surrounded with people, but everyone will be busy doing their own tasks. Therefore, they will not have time to judge…show more content…
I asked Francie, “How do you feel now?” She said, “That is a really good technique that I really didn’t think about.” I assured her that breathing exercise is one of the best interventions for anxiety by explaining that many people had tried and they said it works. She then said that she felt relaxed and asked me if it was “normal.” I told her it was totally “normal” and I was happy to hear that she felt relaxed. I encouraged her to practice breathing exercise whenever she feel anxious, such as when she is in the gym, around her classmates, or in the spotlight, because no one will notice it. She smiled and promised that she will do that when she is front of her peers. In addition, I mentioned to her if diaphragmatic breathing does not work for her, we will try a different relaxation therapy. For now, I wanted her to try this one first to see how it works for her because I believe it is better to do one thing at a time. I will check on it in the following session. She was satisfied with my
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