Francine Marion In The Army

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Francine Marion was an amazing person.She was the very first female army general.In 123 BCE, she got together a group.She was going to overturn the army.She got all of her female friends together and came up with a plan. “What are we going to do?”, asked one.”Yeah what are we doing here?” asked another.”Well girls, we’re going to become the first females in the army.”No thanks” everyone said.”fine, i'll do it myself,” said Francine. Francine went to the army base one clear day in July, and called for the general.SHe asked him if there was anything she could do to help out in the army.”sure, said the general.”You can help with feeding soldiers”.She thanked the general and got to work on her plan. While making the soup for all the soldiers, Francine poisoned the general.She took it to his office personally.She also left a note on the bottom of the bowl.When he ate the soup, he started seating immediately.He didn't think anything of it, because the soup was hot, but then he got a headache.He had a medic come check him out, and the medic said “You’ve been poisoned.It is too late to save you.As the general died, the medic took his soup to the kitchen.As he was walking,the note fell off of the bowl.He told everyone to meet in the center of the base.…show more content…
It read ‘Dear soldiers, I have killed your general.I also poisoned your food. If you want the antidote, then you will make me your general. , Francine Marion. And that is how Francine Marion of Rome 123 BC became the first female
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