Francis And Al-Kamil

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Francis and al-Kamil shared stories of faith with one another. They met regularly and discussed matters of faith. Although the two did not share the exact same beliefs, they grew a profound respect for one another. When Francis left to return home, al-Kamil presented him with a trumpet made of ivory.
By 1220, the order numbered five thousand friars and needed to be governed more cogently. Francis could no longer handle the duties of overseeing so many people, so Pope Honorius III required him to bring more organization to the order. At this time, Francis appointed Peter of Catanii as minister general to oversee the order. Within a year, Francis wrote a more formal letter to govern the order. Over the next few years, he would debate and revise the rule. In 1223, Pope Honorius III approved the Third Order.
The Beginning of the End
Over the next few years, his health would continue to deteriorate. He contracted a form of leprosy and was mostly blind. He returned to San Domiano and was placed under the care of Clare and the sisters. He asked to be taken back to Portiuncula. It is there that he dies and is buried in 1226.
A year after his death, Francis’ friend, Cardinal Ugolino, became the pope. “In enrolling
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Francis usually winced at the lepers, but a recent moment of interaction with God allowed him to view them in a new light. He dismounted himself from the horse, gave the leprous man a coin, and kissed him on the hand. The leprous man accepted his kiss of peace. Francis remounted and continued along the way. After a few days, he moved to a hospice of lepers. He brought with him a large sum of money. One day, he called all of the lepers together, kissed the hand of each, and gave them offerings. Francis’ ministry to the lepers still instructs us on how to treat people with dignity and look past social norms to truly see people for who they are,
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