Francis Bacon : An Essay

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Derived from the French word essai, the word essay means the action or process of trying to test. Looking back through history, a man name Francis Bacon was the first person to write The Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon: Of The Profiecience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane, an essay, with the first book, written about the significance of learning every field of life and the second part written about the lack of human knowledge and suggestions for improvement. After this successful period of Bacons’, more and more essays were being written in the later years to come and throughout this time, essays have now developed into a literary form that takes the perspective of any and every subject or theme. Today, articles, interviews,…show more content…
Kaplan is stating that the voices of articles differ from the voices of essays because they have different personalities. Kaplan, in a way is, agreeing with essayist Louis Menand. Menand proposes that every writer should have a voice and that’s what makes good writing great. He then continues on about speech and writing itself by stating “Many readers and many writers, for that matter, think that effectiveness in writing has something to do with how close it is to speech” (17) and metaphorically connects them by saying “It’s hieroglyph competing with a symphony” (17). The voice is in the words and its much different than speaking, for example, in front of a camera reporting a story than writing it down for people to read themselves. When speaking, the tendency to say the same words and to have a not-so-wide vocabulary is acceptable and questioned when otherwise. When writing, the use of a colorful vocabulary, vivid imagery, and an exposed identity isn’t questioned-it’s adorned- and that’s exactly what essays do.
The vision of an article also differs from an essay because when you have a vision of an article, you want the reader to be informed with the facts given, and for them not to ask questions because they’ve already been answered the who, what, when, where, and why. In an essay, the vision is to
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