Francis Bacon : An Essay

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Derived from the French word essai, the word essay means the action or process of trying to test. Looking back through history, a man name Francis Bacon was the first person to write The Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon: Of The Profiecience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane, an essay, with the first book, written about the significance of learning every field of life and the second part written about the lack of human knowledge and suggestions for improvement. After this successful period of Bacons’, more and more essays were being written in the later years to come and throughout this time, essays have now developed into a literary form that takes the perspective of any and every subject or theme. Today, articles, interviews, stories, journals, reports, tributes etc… all get classified under essays without a thought. “Essay” has become a general term open to any piece written just a title and a couple of paragraphs. Written by Robert Atwan, in The Best American Essays, various authors distinguish articles, stories and poems from essays while also providing judgment that there is no standard essay.
Articles appear in various publications such as newspapers, magazines and journals. When reading articles, they tend to be informational pieces on current issues and while they always tell facts, they usually don’t incorporate their own opinions. In The Best American Essays, a man named Justin Kaplan wrote “Given the confusion of genre minglings and overlaps, what…
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