Francis Bacon : Pioneering Scientific Philosophy

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Francis Bacon: Pioneering Scientific Philosophy
Francis Bacon demonstrated true brilliance in a time where people were finally starting to be curious about the world. His life, the late 1500s and early 1600s, was a time where previous scientific discoveries were being reformed and new discoveries were being introduced. Francis Bacon, a visionary for his time, was submersed in many events and influenced by many people, which in return allowed Bacon to produce some of his greatest theories and notions in many scientific fields.
Francis Bacon produced many ground breaking discoveries made in many scientific fields, including; natural philosophy (or as referred to today as natural science), justice and law, and government. The first English circumnavigation performed by Sir Francis Drake could have opened many doors to many scientific fields, not only natural philosophy. Firstly this great event could have allowed natural philosophers, like Bacon, at the time to catalog and explore many unheard of plants and animals. As for social sciences, this could have been an opportunity to see how other populations ran their government, which in turn could have even sparked an earlier and more rapid scientific revolution. Drake gave all scientists alike, including Bacon, hope for things such as new plants, animals, people, culture, and most importantly new knowledge. (Gale Group)
Another event which had shaped Bacon’s theories and the society surrounding him was the Protestant Reformation.…

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