Francis Clayton, A Brave Woman Soldier

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The Civil War took place from 1861 to 1865. Perhaps the most influential war in American history, the Civil War was fought between the northern states and the southern states of America over slavery. Shortly after Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president on March 4, 1861, South Carolina Seceded from the Union. Other states followed in suit, forming the Confederate States of America with its capital at Montgomery, Alabama, its president Jefferson Davis. As controversy flared higher as a result of this event, the Confederates took Fort Sumter. Soon, the Union joined the war. The northern states were referred to as the Union army, with leaders including Ulysses S. Grant. The Southern states were referred to as the Confederate…show more content…
Francis Clayton disguised herself as a man and went under the pseudonym Jack Williams. Because of her secrecy, it is unknown what unit the Claytons specifically fought in, though it is said that they fought cavalry and artillery. This began Clayton’s courageous career as a soldier. Francis Clayton fought in approximately eighteen battles. She fought side by side with her husband until he was killed on December 31, 1862 during the Battle of Stones River. It is said that Clayton stepped over his body and continued to fight. Another battle she is known to have fought in was the Battle of Fort Donelson in Tennessee on February 13, 1862. It is reported that she was wounded three times and even taken prisoner once. In addition to her courage on the battlefield, she was brave in concealing her identity. Francis Clayton played the role of Jack Williams very well. She was tall and built with tan skin. She learned to carry herself like a soldier, erect and masculine. She practiced manly activities such as drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco, and gambling. Many other soldiers regarded her as one of the best poker players. She was also regarded as a good horseman and swordsman. She performed her duties well and was considered a respectable soldier, attracting attention in the way she acted. Despite how well she fit in as a soldier, her identity was eventually

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