Francis Greenway Essay

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Francis Howard Greenway was born on the 20 November 1777 and lived near Bristol, England. He was an only child and lived with his mother and father. His Father’s name was Francis Greenway, and his mother was Ann nee Web. The Greenway family had a long line of stonemasons, builders and architects. Before Greenway was sent to Australia he was a well-known and very good architect. . –Australia’s Convict Pass. Greenway had a promising career with a private practise as an architect in Bristol, but after a while the practise wasn’t going as well as it was losing money and in time became bankrupt. Greenway was 5ft 6 tall, broad in proportion (as you can see in Figure 1), light haired and had hazel brown eyes. Greenway had many enemies because he was…show more content…
As Civil Architect for Sydney town, Greenway designed many Sydney buildings and monuments, some of which have become well known landmarks. Greenway’s projects that he completed wereincluded the lighthouse near South Head, the Female Factory, New Government House, the Supreme Court and many churches such as St James Church (as you can see in Figure 2). Greenway also introduced design elements that responded specifically to the harsh Australian conditions which were very different those in England. (Brash.N, 2008) Greenway’s arrogance, disputed nature and professional ambitions made sure he was disliked by John Biggie and he was released as a civil architect for the government. Greenway’s arrogance made him underestimate his power. (J, 1992) After being let go as Civil Architect, Greenway sustained his private practise but wasn’t successful money wise because of his many enemies. (Herman.M, 1966) Greenway, his wife and six children were given 800 acres on the right bank of the Hunter River by Governor Macquarie, which was part of a deal. In 1837, Francis Greenway died of Typhoid Fever. Greenway is most remembered and admired for having shaped some of the best colonial buildings in Australia, 49 of the buildings in Sydney were Greenway’s designs, such as St Matthews Church, which has been claimed as his masterpiece. Then between 1966 and 1993, his face was featured on the 10 dollar
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