Francis Poulenc's Short Piano Pieces

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Francis Poulenc's Short Piano Pieces Francis Poulenc's music was considered avant garde, even in a time when art and expression focused on finding something new and different. Poulenc was a key member of the group Les Six, a French Group that wished to move music away from impressionism, formality, and the intellectual tendencies that had dictated creativity in the previous century (Rovi Corp, 2012). They wished to create conceptual music that was based on the expression of pure human emotion. Undoubtedly, Poulenc was influenced by the principles and purpose of Les Six. This quest for music based on pure emotion allowed Poulenc to express his deepest feelings and therefore rely on many influences from which to draw his musical compositions. Stravinsky was perhaps one of Poulenc's most noted influences. The influence of Stravinsky is evident in many of Poulenc's if larger choral works. Poulenc was also known for his short piano pieces, many of which were between one and four minutes in length. Poulenc used the short piano pieces to pour out his emotion onto the staff. Poulenc was influenced by the events and people in his life and these were expressed in Poulenc's series of short piano pieces. These pieces allowed Poulenc to break the rigid restrictions and the works of Stravinsky weighed heavily as one of the early influences in producing pieces that broke the patterns previously established in classical music. One of the greatest influences in Poulenc's music was

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