Francisco Pizarro's Famous Expeditions

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Francisco Pizarro is best known for his famous expeditions to the “New World” , his conquering of the Incas, and his help at discovering the great, big, blue of what we know as the Pacific
Ocean. Pizarro living in the Renaissance era , was fond of the idea to further his knowledge by setting out on explorations. Not being able to read or write however was not going to ruin Pizarro’s dream,
Pizarro’s inner ambition would carry him where he had always wanted to go.
Francisco Pizarro Gonzales , or better known as just simply Francisco Pizarro was born in
1476 in Trujillo, Spain. Pizarro was born to the poor farmer, Captain Gonzalo Pizarro, and Francisca
Gonzales. Francisco was illiterate and thus forced to herd his father's pigs. Throughout Pizarro’s child and young manhood , Francisco heard multiple stories and tales of a new world. Through these stories
Pizarro developed a want and longing for both adventure and fortune. At the age of 34 in 1510, Pizarro went on his first, real expedition to Uraba, Colombia with Spanish explorer Alonzo de Ojed. Even if their trip to Colombia was considered unsuccessful, Pizarro was delighted with the experience and had proven that he could make the cut. He proved that he was reliable and wasn’t going to just back out or quit. Just 3 years later, in 1513 Pizarro joined Vasco Nunez de Balboa on his voyage to the “South
Sea.” On their way they had to cross the Isthmus of Panama, they then laid their eyes on what we modernly call the Pacific

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