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“I'm just human. Our task is to try. Being a Death Warrior is all in the trying,” said Francisco X. Stork. Stork proves that people do make mistakes and fail, but that’s okay. All we need to do as people is work our best, and keep trying as the beautiful humans we are. Stork is best known for the beauty and truth he puts in his stories. After taking a closer look at the life and work of Francisco Stork, he deserves recognition as an outstanding author. Francisco Stork is living a superb life. In 1953 Stork was born in Monterrey Mexico. His mother, Ruth Arguelles, was a single woman from a middle-class family in Tampico (Francisco X. Stork). The reason Francisco was born in Monterrey rather than in Tampico, where Ruth lived, is that her father did not want anyone to know that she was going to have a child out of wedlock. She was sent to Monterrey to live in a convent until the baby was born. The baby was supposed to be given up for adoption, but Ruth changed her mind. After a while, Grandfather Adalberto relented and mother and baby Francisco were allowed to come home (Francisco Stork young). Six years later Ruth married Charles Stork, a…show more content…
His adoption to his father has influenced him too, and moving to different places has influenced him to write. He usually write on personal events that happen in his life and writes it down on paper. He likes when an author writes to touch the writer's soul. He has an emotional and inspiring bond with his readers. Francisco Stork is the author of six novels. The Way of the Jaguar, and was published in 2000 and was the recipient of the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize. Behind the Eyes is Stork’s second novel, and was published in 2006. The Last Summer of the Death Warriors in 2010, and got a rate of 3.86 stars out of 5. Irises published in 2012. The newest of the Stork collection is The Memory of Light in January of 2016 (Francisco Stork
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