Francium: An Element On The Periodic Table

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I once owned a very strange cat named Francium. Why was he called Francium you ask? He had many similar properties of the element Francium.

Francium is an element on the Periodic Table, however not much about the element is known. It is located at the bottom of group one on the table with the abbreviation of Fr.

Because it decays so fast in air, nobody has ever been able to truly see francium’s appearance. Nobody really knows what color Francium is. Most people think it is silver, like its family members, sodium, potassium, and lithium.

While my cat’s fur is grey, that was not why I named him Francium.

Francium’s atomic number on the table is 87, meaning it has 87 protons and 87 electrons. Scientists haven’t found the exact mass of francium, but it is estimated to be 223.
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Francium is also extremely radioactive due to it being found around uranium. Also, only about 30 grams of francium exist on earth at a time, which explains why it is so mysterious. This, however is not why I named my cat Francium.

The element francium is also presumed to be extremely reactive to water. Francium’s relatives in group one react violently to water, increasing in strength the more you go down the group. Lithium at the top of the group only fizzles when dropped in water while cesium, the element above francium, explodes when touched by water. Sadly, nobody has been able to see what francium dropped in water looks like.

Many cats hate water, but none of them compare to my cat’s reaction to water. He practically destroys the place if you accidentally spill some water on him. After discovering this while trying to give him a bath, I decided to call him
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