Frank Abagnale 's Outlaw Life

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Frank Abagnale’s outlaw life was forced at age 16 when he decided to get away from his family and faced life by his own. He was born in New York, Bronxville, and he was the third of four kids. His parents got divorced, and his mother got full custody of him. He decided to live with his father because he was the most affected by the divorce. Here is when he started his life as a juvenile delinquent. As Seal stated “the outlaw hero is forced to defy the law—or what passes for it—by oppressive and unjust forces or interests” (74). There were several reasons that lead Abagnale to choose an outlaw life. The first reason was that Frank felt frustration seeing his father breaking down spiritually, economically, and physically. His family meant a lot to him, and he wasn’t comfortable with his parent’s separation. He thought that acting like a delinquent and getting into problems will bring his parents back together again due to the absence of attention, but it never happened. He felt that his happy life was taken away by his own parents at the time that they decided to separate. The feeling of losing his family and his happy life obligated Abagnale to start his life as a juvenile delinquent. The second reason and the most important was that he started to faced life as the way it is, hard, and cruel. When he decided to get away from home, he had to pay rent, bills, and all of his expenses. He had a job, but he wasn’t making enough money to maintain himself. The feeling to resolve
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