Frank Conroy’s My Generation

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My childhood was mostly spent in Ohio around snow. But it all changed when I moved to California. Frank Conroy’s essay “My Generation”, Conroy explains on how and why his generation got the name “Silent Generation”. In this essay I will be explaining on how my life leads up to college and why the students of 2014 will be remembered by the social media users. What defines an excellent childhood? Childhood is the precious time in which children should live free from fear, go to school, and have fun. My childhood memories mostly take place in New York because that is where I grew up and where the journey started. I didn’t move to California not until I was nine years old. I had a fun adventure going from state to state learning about their…show more content…
Right when I became into knowing the school better, I had to transfer to another middle school. I was happy and sad but mostly sad. Happy because I was going to meet new people but sad because I had wanted to graduate with my friends. And the mixed emotions started all over again. I could tell you from my personal experience that making an identity from scratch takes a lot of time and courage. But tell you the truth I liked the new middle school rather than the earlier one. I made lots of friends and even joined the student council. I had also joined the basketball team. Helping the school and the community is my type of thing. In Conroy’s essay he states, “We became teen-agers when to be a teen-ager was nothing, the lowest of the low” (22). I disagree with him regarding this statement he made. When me and my fellow peers became teenagers it was like a dream come true. The moment I turned into a teenager I knew I had to start paying attention to my grades so I could graduate. The night before graduation for the class of 2008 we had a dance that was designed by the seventh graders. The day of the graduation I asked my brother ten times if I was actually graduating because I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was dreaming or something. And when that moment had come to walk down the aisle wearing my graduation cap and gown to receive my middle school diploma, I was more than happy; you could have told it straight from

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