Frank Gehry Essay

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Frank Gehry Quote “When everybody else is ready for the ending, I’m just ready to begin,” Frank Gehry once wrote. “It’s been the story of my life” (qtd. in Templer, 1999, pp.1) Laying the Foundation Born on 28 February 1929 in Toronto, Canada, Frank O. Goldberg entered a household with a strong Polish and Jewish heritage. Twenty years earlier, Thelma Caplanski left Poland with her parents, a couple with deep religious morals. Once they settled in Toronto, the two decided to change their last name to Caplan. The owner of a hardware store, her father was also the president of a synagogue. His wife, Frank’s grandmother, was said to have good visual abilities. Thelma would continue working with the Jewish…show more content…
The Goldberg family relocated to Timmins, Ontario during Frank’s adolescent years. Unfortunately, during these times, Frank saw how mean kids can be as he was given the nickname “Fish”. People did not accept his religion, Judaism, and the nickname was supposed to put him down but Frank would later use that as a basis for his some of his creations. During this time, he explored atheism because of these difficulties (Hines, 1986). Finding and Designing Love After Frank’s father grew sick, the Goldberg family moved to Los Angeles where some of the family already resided. Ironically, they lived in an apartment that was close to where the Loyola Law School would be built in later years, according to Frank’s blueprints. At this time, the family was struggling for money and Frank had to find a job. He worked as a delivery truck man who installed breakfast nooks. It was through this job that Frank would meet Anita Snyder, a woman who he married later in 1952. Two years later, with the permission of his family, Frank decided to change their last name to Gehry. The couple had two daughters and the three followed Gehry to an army base in Georgia (Hines, 1986) and then to Paris (Hines, 1986; Templer, 1999). Eventually, got divorced in 1966. Frank’s relationship problems are similar to those that Gardner refers to in his geniuses’ lives (Hines, 1986). Yet, Frank got remarried ten years later to Berta Isabel
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