Frank Gehry Vs Postmodern Architecture

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American postmodern architecture has more focus on culture, the specific theme of that moment, but the problem of formalization started to show up. Deconstructivism, a critical architectural movement in the postmodern age, usually has nice control on the structural surface as the building’s skin and use the randomly geometric shapes to show the twisting architectural elements. Frank Gehry is a typical post-modernism and deconstructivism architect, Americans like to call him “another Frank” because of Frank Lloyd Wright who was famous as a modernism architect. And he did not like to be constantly compared with Wright, emphasizing their differences. Under the influence of deconstructivism, a lot of Frank Gehry’s design shows full comprehension of the structures and the principle of designing by using the twisted shapes and some uncovered structure form. In this passage, I will analyze the influences of Frank Gehry’s design; the extent of influence that he got from Frank Lloyd Wright, and compare and contrast their works by using Frank Gehry’s house and Jacob’s house by Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Wright used colors that are often found in nature. He used earthy tones, the materials used in his designs include brick, clay, concrete, rocks, and wood. With a symmetric style, he used straight lines and familiar shapes for different design elements. The Elam home in Austin, Minnesota and Jacob’s house are good examples. Compared with Wright’s design, Frank Gehry usually used vibrant colors such as silver, bright blue, orange, and red. Stainless steel was used in the majority of his design, and he still used other materials like brick and concrete as well. Different with Wright, Gehry used curvy lines and other shapes in his design work. The Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota skillfully used curves which is different than Gehry’s own house to which used angled lines and pieced triangle shapes, shows the influence he got from deconstructivism In Gehry’s house, he used big openings, unique wall surfaces and light conditions in a large room or visible framework, they all showing the postmodern style and making relationships between architecture and its origin. Gehry tried to “make a very tough sculptural

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