Frank Guedon : The Most Influential Person In My Life

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The most influential person in my life is Frank Guedon. Frank is not the most influential person because he is perfect or because he does everything right. He influences me through the things he has and how he got those things. Through my eyes he has the ideal way of life. He works until he has whatever he wants. He has enough money to buy a beautiful house and fill it with expensive treasures, instead he lives thirty miles out of the city on two-hundred acres of land filled with animals, motorized vehicles, an airplane, and not to mention the six children that roam around his property. I look up to him through the family he has created for himself. He is a man of many colors and will be hard to describe in just a few short paragraphs. Frank Guedon is my father, and there will be descriptions of his attitude, his style, his family, and his work ethics.
One-way dad influences me is through his attitude. He is always extremely polite to the people he meets, his coworkers, and his patients. He has good morals, he believes private school is safer and has put all his kids in private school and through a University college. He has always taught my brothers and me to fear God and to attend church on Sundays. His character is quite funny to me. He is always upbeat and cracking jokes with everyone. At his job, he sounds like a game announcer. He calls his patients like they have won a prize. The staff can hear him throughout the office, for example he will say, “Mrs. Smith, come on
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