Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography

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Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. As a child, Wright was far closer to his mother than his father and it was reported that after his parents divorced in 1881, Frank Lloyd Wright never laid eyes on his father again. The premier male influence on Wright in his teen years was a maternal uncle who got Wright into a prodigious school and encouraged him intellectually. Within the immediate household, Frank became the primary caregiver for his mother and two sisters. Anna, Wright's mother, was indulgent of her son's whims and it was said that she never punished him, but instead treated him as her equal, leading to a personality which would not accept that he was ever in error on anything (Secret 1998, page 62). Even as a young man, Wright knew that his interests lay in architecture and in the furthering of architecture as an art form. There is no documentation that Wright either completed high school or college after entering the University of Wisconsin, although he would be awarded an honorary doctorate in 1955. By the age of twenty, Wright had established himself as a budding architect and moved to Chicago, Illinois. The 1871 Great Chicago Fire had destroyed much of the city's buildings and construction firms were still working on revitalizing the city in 1887 at the time of Wright's arrival in Illinois (Mayo 2004, page 15). At the time, Chicago had become the second largest city in America and would become famous
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