Frank Lloyd Wright was One of the Great Archtects in American History

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Without a doubt, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest architects in American history and the greatest architect of the 20th century. Nature was his muse and his architectural structures embodied organic qualities. He took full advantage of the technological advances of the 20th century but redirecting the concept of space and employing new techniques; Wright was known for his modern and innovative designs. He believed that, “architecture was not just about buildings, it was about nourishing the lives of those sheltered within them”. Wright is not only one of the most well known architects in America but he is also thought of as one of the most influential architects in the world. Frank Lloyd Wright was born Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8th, 1867. He was the son of William Carey Wright, a local orator and minister, and Anna Lloyd Jones, a school teacher. Wright's parents were both resolute individuals with eccentric interests that they inherently passed on to him. When Wright was about three years old, his family moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts; William was given the opportunity to be the minister of a small congregation. However, the Wright family struggled in Weymouth and they returned to Wisconsin. Eventually they settled in Madison, Wisconsin where the Wright family participated as active members of the local Unitarian congregation. When Wright turned 14, his parents divorced; their money problems likely led to the demise of the marriage. William Wright

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