Frank Lucas: The Nefarious American Gangster

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He was a very intelligent individual who buttressed many aspects of an executive leader. Thus, after Bumpy Johnson dies, Frank becomes aware of what he must do to ensure that Bumpy's business operates as usual. It is here that Frank transforms from his somewhat subservient yet taciturn behavior into the executive leadership position of an infamous and democratic gangster. Through the character of Frank Lucas, the movie referred to the leadership concepts of power motive, business knowledge, and the dark sides of charismatic leadership.

Soon after Bumpy dies, Frank becomes captivated by power such that it consumes him and forces him to commit his wicked acts. He is a stern character who believes that “you are who you are in this world” and that you must either be “somebody or nobody.” Thus, he chooses to be the quietest and strongest person in the room. Frank’s power is personalized meaning he seeks it to further his own interests (Dubrin, 47, 50). Like any power driven leader, he cared little about others and acted with vigor and determination to exert his authority and get the highest quality heroine on the streets. Therefore, Frank uses his power to serve as his motivation and achievement motive and to propel his tenacious, resilient, and autonomous personality.

A powerful leader who possesses drive and tenacity is…
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