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America is a country with marvelous greatness and is home of many immigrants who arrive there with hope to improve their lives and live the American Dream. Frank McCourt, an Irish boy with tremendous desires of returning to America, explores an idealistic world in America where he plans to overcome his miserable childhood. “He says you can do anything in America, it´s the land of opportunity.” (McCourt 295). Important characters throughout his childhood expressed their admiration for America, because they knew life was better in comparison to Limerick where he lived a miserable childhood. Frank McCourt sees America as the land of opportunities because there are jobs and it has better living conditions than Limerick, where he experienced the…show more content…
He doesn’t think twice before leaving to America, because he knows it will be an essential step in his life. “Mr. Benson hates America and you have to remember to hate America or he’ll hit you.” (McCourt 110). America is the physical definition of hope, which McCourt sees as a source of goodness in comparison to the lake of misery and nostalgia of Limerick. Of course, the Irishmen with patriotic manners defend what McCourt already witnessed as a worthless for his professional development. Certainly, it was a challenge for him to tolerate his surroundings that yelled America was just a dream, and that Limerick is his current situation. After all, who can blame anybody of dreaming? His genuine intellect kept him alive with the dream of reaching the land of the free, where he could already feel the liberty as he remembers the Statue of Liberty when he was leaving America at a very young age. In Limerick, teachers would convince their students that America was just a movie, but none of it stopped McCourt to follow his dreams. He doesn’t falls for the judgment of others towards America that all the cowboys and Yankees’ stories were only in the movies, because he was motivated by the American Dream and liked to read about it or hear stories that kept him alive through all that…show more content…
He say that President Roosevelt is good and that he will grant everyone in America with a job. (McCourt 41). McCourt´s view on America is like the cure of a disease or as water for the thirsty ones. In the Great Depression’s context, America means a stable job where he could provide for his family and unlike his father, support his family. He wants to be in America with all its music, and where no one has bad teeth, people leave food on their plates and every family has a bathroom. (McCourt 394). He summarizes all his point of view on America. In other words, America symbolizes abundance and sustainability and it’s the antonym to Limerick. His dreams of returning motivate him in a positive way, because if Limerick was miserable for him, then America is the solution to all those

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