Frank Mccourt and the Value of Misery

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In life people learn from their mistakes and sometimes, like Frank McCourt, from hard times that, while painful, can be of the greatest benefit from among their experiences. It shapes them into the people they are and brands them, leading them to be high achievers in life. Moreover, their achievements are more remarkable than those whose childhood were happy; they were marked by adversity and their drive to overcome and exceed expectations. A good life was not handed to them, but rather earned. Frank McCourt in Angela 's Ashes described the hard times and pain in his life, pain that no person should have had to endure. After losing his baby sister Margaret and twin brothers Eugene and Oliver, to disease and bad parenting, McCourt went…show more content…
Not only was it valuable but also unforgettable, and he would never forget a single detail of it. Frank McCourt made it through the hard times along with his remaining siblings. It was not easy, but if it had not been for his fatherless and awful childhood, McCourt may never had made it to where he is now, a Pulitzer Prize winning author. As McCourt said it, A happy childhood is hardly worth your while. Almost everything and everyone he had ever known failed him. Every institution he should have been able to depend upon had let him down – government, church and family. By the way most stories go these days, it would have been a reasonable assumption that since he was not a moral man in the conventional sense, that he would not end up well. But as a matter of fact, he succeeds because of his immorality; all the moral means had let him down. Frank chose happiness over morality and became happy and free. Moreover, in the end, he proved not only to be a success but ultimately more moral than anyone or anything else described in the book. All of his misery was valuable to him because it is the misery that made him want to make his own way of life. Indeed, if he had a better life growing up, he would not have desired to change his system of living. He decided to follow what made him feel good because surely the life he was living left him with nothing but disappointment. McCourt knew that sex was
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