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The Most Aggressive Part of Frank
What was once an average daily commute to the office had become the place we hated each other most. Our ritual ruined us. Every morning before our drive to our respective offices, Frank brought me a slice of toast – buttered on both sides – for breakfast. I’d adjust his tie once he placed himself in the driver’s seat. His hands always had smears of butter on them, and neither of us wanted him to ruin his clothes.
On the morning of the accident, he wore the tie I gave him for our first anniversary, before we were married. That morning, two years later, his golden eyes were still illuminated by the matching threading. “You’re wearing my tie,” I said. He replied, “You know it’s my favorite, just like you.” And
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His yearn for more independence and the constant looming anger couldn’t silently be expressed any longer. The fights grew louder, the bed grew colder, and our love grew…show more content…
Sometimes, like tonight, I find myself wishing it had at least lasted longer. If only he would have eaten the pizza before he threw the eight-pound bowling ball. Maybe then, he could have slid out of it…. He told me the night in the hospital what had happened. On the last frame of the late afternoon game, Frank trailed Joe From Accounting by eight points with one more bowl. His competitive spirit took over his rationality. As he walked to the lane, the waitress set down the pizza that he ordered 3 frames ago. The pizza was the best in town. “The greasiest,” Frank would always brag. But, with the looming possibility of a loss, the hunger escaped his mind. Grabbing the twelve-pound ball, he fired it down the lane, hitting seven of the ten pins. “I couldn’t wait to win,” he told me. Because of his stubbier fingers, Frank was the only man on the lane using the heavier ball. With the hungry competition brewing in his body, his impatience led him to grab the eight-pounder. Long story short, he didn’t win the game. Instead, we lost a marriage. Who would have known that the most aggressive part of Frank was the most genuine? When he lost it, we lost our averageness…and our
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