Frank Of A Modern Macbeth And Lady Macbeth

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The majority of this essay has focused primarily on Frank’s ideas alone, and how they reflect cynical philosophy, but when it comes to Freudian guilt, Underwood’s personal life comes into play, through his politically advantageous affair with Washington Herald Reporter, Zoe Barns. Many compare Frank and his wife Claire to that of a modern Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, but Claire is much darker in a mature way, Claire knows about Frank’s relation’s with Zoe Barnes, and she is completely okay with them giving that they advance Frank’s sinister agenda. So the arrangement begins, Frank feeds Zoe insider information, which upon her publishing, helps Franks public image, and sometimes, destroys the image of his enemies. One of those enemies is Secretary of State Michael Kern. The entire show begins with Frank being promised to the position of Secretary of State by President Walker, however, Frank is unjustly cheated out his position by the new administration, electing Kurn the job instead. Of course, this does not sit well with Frank, and upon meeting Barnes around this same time, Underwood opportunistically capitalizes on sabotaging Kern by leaking an old news article to Zoe, supervised by Kern, where one of his writers in staff made anti sematic remarks. Although Kern didn’t even make, let alone approve of this remarks, the media outcry forced him to step down from his position of Sectary of State, but at this point, Frank already had his bigger plans in mind. All seemed to be going
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