Frank Pica Research Paper

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Wud up sauce heads and all you pizza enthusiast out there who prefer your barbecue chicken a top a thin crust, red sauce, and mozzarella cheese That's right sauce head and the pizza tour is coming at you like a little Caesars hot and ready right down your pizza pie hole as the the wheels keep rolling on. I've been to mushroom Alley I've climbed the highest mountain I have even drank from the holy Grail but it's clearly safe to say my biggest accomplishment in life is finding the greatest Pizza establishment in the 610. That's right folks I had Gaetanos I've had imperial and I've even had cimineras provolone pie but the best pizza still out there comes straight out of West philly on race St and down 69th st to no other than Frank Picas. Picas has been serving up…show more content…
If you aren't from Delco or haven't gotten out to picas yet shame on you. I'm partial to Picas because it has been a Friday night staple in my household since I was just a little inspiring sauce head with little pepperonis twinkles in my eyes Picas brings back fond memories of sitting around with the family on Friday night and indulging on the sauciest of pies however that being said I'm still a professional and in my professional opinion I believe that no one in the area can hold a candle to a traditional plain pizza in the area. I've done a lot of soul-searching, traveling and tasting over last two years and have not found a better pie So on a scale of five green pepper and onions out of five I give Picas five green pepper and onions. As for me sauce heads that's all for this stop but be sure to tune in next week as the lead sauce head continues to roll on with the tour in search for competition for Picas as I continue to wander this green earth in search of the greatest pizza man has to
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