Frank 's Journey Through Illness

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There 's something gut wrenching in our bodies (literally) that allows us to determine normal from not normal. We can thank our instincts for this. These instincts create emotions and cause us to react differently. We air on the side of caution, so when these abnormal feelings come into effect we usually seek medical attention immediately. At the Will of the Body effectively demonstrates this through Frank’s journey. This process first begins with his experience of illness from a heart attack, which changes his whole perspective. An introduction into Frank’s experience can be defined through the following statement “illness is an opportunity, though a dangerous one” (page, 1). The purpose of this paper was to connect a theme presented in Frank’s journey through illness. A theme that was present through his experience of illness and disease was uncertainty. Uncertainty is defined as psychological stressor (Hansen et al., 2012).
The whole significance behind uncertainty is, it is a normal part of everyday living. We have thoughts of uncertainty whether we are healthy or unhealthy. When we experience the feeling of uncertainty it is up to us to decide how we will adapt and cope to this. When first assessing uncertainty we can view this is an opportunity or danger (Yu Ko et al., 2008). From there coping strategies are put in place to either diminish or maintain the current perception of uncertainty to make it adaptable (Yu Ko et al., 2008).
The first step in Frank’s…
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