Frank 's Journey Through Illness

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There 's something gut wrenching in our bodies (literally) that allows us to determine normal from not normal. We can thank our instincts for this. These instincts create emotions and cause us to react differently. We air on the side of caution, so when these abnormal feelings come into effect we usually seek medical attention immediately. At the Will of the Body effectively demonstrates this through Frank’s journey. This process first begins with his experience of illness from a heart attack, which changes his whole perspective. An introduction into Frank’s experience can be defined through the following statement “illness is an opportunity, though a dangerous one” (page, 1). The purpose of this paper was to connect a theme presented in…show more content…
“One day my body broke down, forcing me to ask, in fear and frustration, what’s happening to me?” (PAGE 8) This quote pertains to Frank’s expression after experiencing a heart attack. We can see here that this has disturbed his wellbeing and has caused him to think of how this onset will effect the rest of his daily routine. A sudden onset that Frank didn’t think was possible, a lot of the times people play victim to their illness having conversations of denial of why this is happening to them, especially in Frank’s case where he is a healthy individual. He later goes on to say “ Medicine can diagnose and treat the breakdown, but sometimes so much fear and frustration have been aroused in the ill person that fixing the breakdown does not quiet them.” (Frank,Page 8). Chronic illness can bring an emotional side and difficulty to that persons’ life, therefore coping strategies should be implemented to aid in the healing process.
Analyzing through Frank’s concept we can see that he is uncertain of the future his disease brings. To decrease and manage uncertainty there needs to be strong communication between the health care professional, patient and other family/friends who will be involved in the care. Research has demonstrated that through a communication model which involves the following– assessing knowledge of prognosis, figuring out the patients core values and concerns, creating a
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