Frankenfoods Essay

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Frankenfoods Biotechnology and genetically modified organisms have gained quite a bit of notoriety in the past decade. Proponents of biotechnology are claiming that genetic modification will revolutionize agriculture and medicine and overall benefit human kind far beyond the reaches of imagination. On the other side of the issue, there are those who claim that genetic modification is dangerous and unneeded. But is either side correct? Will GMOs revolutionize the food and health industries or will they cause damage and downfall? Moreover, is it even ethical to tamper with nature and release science fiction into the food supply? GMOs and the History Behind Them Genetic modification has been present in agriculture since the Egyptians…show more content…
The gene is then transferred into the DNA of the recipient organism. The insertion of foreign genes into the DNA allows the recipient to behave like the donor3. GMOs Today Today, the development and use of biotechnology has taken over the food and health industries, as it is currently the fasted growing sector. Genetic modification has had the most impact on crops and on the environment. Crops are being modified to taste better, grow better, and be more resistant to pests and the environment. Genetic modification is, in its most idealistic form, helping to save the environment from pesticides and chemicals. Yet, along with the pros, there are also the cons. Many people fear the development and use of genetically modified organisms for a wide variety of reasons. Some claim that there is not enough knowledge of these organisms and that we have no idea what the repercussions of exposing humans and the environment to them are. Others are afraid that the countries with the resources to develop GMOs, the wealthiest countries, will dominate world food production and cause developing countries to be completely dependent upon them. Genetically Modified Crops: The bulk of genetic modification and development goes towards crop alteration. Currently, there are over 145 million acres world wide that are being used to grow genetically modified crops 4. Scientists have been able to
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