Frankenstein : A Sea Of Emotions Essay

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Frankenstein: A Sea of Emotions
The use of the strength of emotions in her classic novel Frankenstein empowered Mary Shelley to build a strong connection with its readers and rule their hearts for hundreds of years today. Shelley beautifully incorporated different feelings into her writing to provide visualization of events as the readers read through pages and feel the true essence of the characters’ sensations. Some of the emotions depict the tragedies of Shelley’s own life, thus adding life to the story. In short, Shelley’s Frankenstein is an emotional roller coaster covering a wide range of human emotions from joy and sorrow to hatred and revenge, and highlighting how different experiences of lives modify these sentiments into one another.
Primarily, ambitions played a driving force in the novel. Victor, the protagonist enthralled by the mystery of life became involved in a long, desperate struggle of creating a life. He got so excessively engaged in pursuing his ambition that he ignored his loveable family, health, and the consequences of his exertion. “Victor does not consider the consequences of his research, and he does not take responsibility for them when they are tragic” ( Goodwin). However, this enthusiastic madness and lack of judgment quickly transitioned into terror and guilt when he saw the result of his experimental-creation of a hideous creature. “The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature. I had worked hard for
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