Frankenstein : An Evaluation Of The Writing Of Frankenstein

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Frankenstein the novel, Amateur Work or Classic and Timeless Fiction:
An Evaluation of the Writing of Frankenstein
Frankenstein is a novel that gives readers an opportunity to imagine a world very different and unique from their current one. One where man can in fact create a creature who exhibits human like qualities such as loneliness, kindness, intelligence and anger even if it looks like a monster. Mary Shelley does a fantastic job in writing a work of fiction that is filled with imagination, mystery, knowledge of human anatomy, loss and love. Many critics find the novel Frankenstein to be a great work of literature and believe Mary Shelley does a wonderful job in writing this beautiful novel. The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany; A New Series of the “The Scots Magazine” included a review of the work edited by Shanon Lawson describing the novel as “the highest style of caricature and exaggeration.” The Edinburgh Review or the Critical Journal was a Scottish Magazine that was published from 1802-1929. This magazine provided literary and political criticism making it very prestigious during that time “contributing to the development of the modern periodical of literary criticism” (Encyclopedia Britannica). The Edinburg Magazine effectively argues that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a beautifully written fiction novel that also has some reality attached to it.
Frankenstein is a fiction novel where a reader can find everything they need to be mesmerized; it

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